Everything about Grantham Now aims to highlight all that's good about our town. Grantham is a very positive place and there are so many aspects of living here that deserve to be read about. We want all our readers to feel that our magazine is a friend who comes visiting every couple of months, to be enjoyed rather like a neighbourly chat over the garden fence. To that end we work hard to make sure that it's not crammed with adverts, but rather contains topics of interest, with something for everyone.


Grantham Now is published on a bi-monthly basis and is delivered through 14,000 letterboxes in the main residential areas of Grantham, and the villages of Great Gonerby, Manthorpe and Londonthorpe. Each edition will always have something new, but we do have our readers' favourite sections such as Malcolm Knapp's bygone Grantham column and the unfolding story of Albert Dudley; the reluctant hero. Many of our articles spotlight some fascinating details of their product or business that few of us ever realised. Grantham is a rich source of enterprise and fascination that it's not difficult to find something worth bringing to your attention.

Our new website will enable us all to knit together as a community more closely. And we hope that you will use it to keep in touch with us to help us make our magazine even better.

Grantham Now is your local community magazine, so whether you're one of our readers, or you'd like to find out about advertising with us, we'd love to hear from you with your ideas through this new web site